The Story (short)

As far as what we got going on with clothing, We Have Decided to take our creative minds and come up with a clothing company called Primary. Originated from NK$,  yes we know that can represent us, but also representing the Young visionary mentality that surrounds us! It can represent anyone! With positivity, open minds, go getter visions etc! Anything is possible & by providing everyone with a dope look/designed clothing it shows people that not only can anyone do this but, it shows all that support or the fashion movement in general. As of now the 1st products have consisted of just basic graphics and or lettering.  The styles and looks we provide are dope! Straight Outta SLC. All respect to those companies that have inspired each business. Such as Pink Dolphin, Hundreds, and many more.  Our Style will also be unique. Some may disagree but that is our focus with our clothes . Constantly working with new designs and such, things have started out small but we promise that our logos and designs will get even more dope with a whole lot of colorful looks. Be On The LookOut as the seasons change! ( Exclusive, Limited Items )

Created September 1, 2012

Location Salt Lake City Utah

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